The Pool must Die...

The History

When I bought the house in 1987, I was excited that it came with a 7 year old in ground Pool. The luster wore off quick. Basically I have been the Pool Boy since 1987. My kids and the neighbor kids have grown up with the pool, including many Scouts earning their swimming merit badge just before camp. Besides the cost, effort and hassle, we have kept the pool up and going. Now that we are empty nesters it is time for the pool to die...

The Plan

Once I had the demo permit, I called several local excavators, but none returned calls, either there are way too busy or they do not like taking out pools. So I bought a small jackhammer and started taking the pool apart. The Township said all the metal and plastic need to be removed; this entailed breaking every piece of concrete and removing the rebar, X braces and pipes.

The Project

The process so far has entailed, dismantling the pool shed, emptying the 17,500 gallons of water, removing the liner and foam padding, break up the interior concrete and main drain, removing the top concrete (which required a professional jackhammer), removing all the dirt around the pool to repose the X braces, removing the steel sheets, removing the concrete that held the X braces in place, taking 1680 pounds of steel to the recycling and filing a 20 Yard High dumpster to the brim.