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Me styling in 1966

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About me, I am happily married with three grown children. I enjoy working with my hands and anything remotely automotive related. I am an Eagle Scout and am still active in Scouting.

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I always have had a weak spot for anything automotive. I was a faithful subscriber to CARtoons, AutoWorld and JCWhitney catalogs. Our bikes in the 60's where Schwinn clones, with homemade fork extensions and big sissy bars. I also built any car model I could get my hands on.

When I was five or six, my friend's older brother got a slot car set for Christmas. I was enamored with the idea of having control of a car. I later had several COX gas powered cars, but in the days before the radio control, the gas powered cars got old quick. In fairness although we did not have radio control we also did not have any safety regulations that tend to take the fun anything.

Slot cars were my favorite toy which were only to be surpassed by mini bikes and then girls.
I started with a Thunderjet set with a blue Willys gasser (which I still have) and dune buggy. Latter the Afx sets showed up and I was hooked. I had 4x8 track until I was 15. During this time I bugged my Dad constantly to take me to the local slot car track, Richies Speed shop in Springfield, MA. Richies had 24 scale, 32 scale and HO scale tracks. They also had a big pile of dune buggy bodies which was the rage.

Many years later, but before ebay, I no longer fit on a mini bike and my current wife had banned all motorcycles. I started noticing old slot cars at car shows. At about this time I was finishing making the computer game RailRoad Tycoon at a game company called MicroProse. During the making of RailRoad Tycoon I went to a lot of train show to gather resource materials. So I bought a HO scale train set and started playing with it. It became apparent that although I like scenery I really missed HO Scale slot cars. I found a couple Slot car newsletters and started collecting. I was lucky to acquire a lot of my collection before ebay took off and prices skyrocketed.